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I can't select app from from Personal profile

I have installed the Poweramp app in my Personal profile via Play Store. However, when I try to add a Music folder, I can only select folders from my work profile the following toast appears: You're ...
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FLAC files getting corrupted on microSD card

Whenever I put a FLAC album on my phone, after a few days some of the tracks get corrupted. They show errors when I bring them onto my PC and use the command line function flac -t *.flac. While most ...
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Music Players with Equalizer Almost Killing Battery on nubia

It's a nubia Z9 max Elite (NX518J) equipped with Qualcomm's Burndragon 810 SoC running nubia's stock ROM. I just installed and tried out Poweramp and it's amazing. However my phone got hot ...
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Poweramp access songs from Google Play Music

I have a Google Play Music subscription and I enjoy the unlimited music, but I don't like the audio quality on Google Play Music. I was wondering if it was possible to listen to GPM downloaded songs ...
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G4 - Bluetooth headset and multiple media player

I have LG G4, 5.1. It came with "Audio" player pre installed. however, I use Poweramp. It works fine 90% of the time. However, occasionally, when I have my BT headset on (LG HBS 750), and press play ...
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