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Change DNS on Android - via Settings/Network&Internet/Advanced/Private DNS ... or via Settings/Wi-Fi/Modify network/Advanced options/IP Settings?

Device is on Android 9. NOT rooted. I want to set the DNS to CIRA (or Cloudfare or whatever, not the point). Yes my wifi router is already set to proper DNS. If I am not at home I want the device to ...
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Secure DNS vs. Private DNS - is there a difference?

I want to use a custom DNS that works perfectly well on my Android phone (Pixel 6 Pro) using "Private DNS" however, does not work on my Google made Chromebook (Pixelbook, so also technically ...
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How may I completely bypass standard DNS on Android 12?

The Android 12 private DNS setting is unfortunately not set up to accept an IP address, only a hostname. Thus, it clearly must resolve a standard DNS query before doing the TLS or HTTPS query. I ...
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WiFi problems with

At home I can use the AdGuard DNS via settings -> WiFi & network -> private DNS -> private DNS provider hostname, and setting that hostname to In many public places where ...
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Block top level domains in my device

In my pursuit to block porn, I installed many web filtering options. Currently, I am using Open Dns free version and Blockerhero for blocking specific domains and apps. However my issue is that ...
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How to setup CleanBrowsing app properly?

I installed the CleanBrowsing app on my Redmi 9a (Android 10) phone and it asks for accessibility permission. I give that permission, but when I activate the family filter, it goes to Private DNS on ...
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name resolution on samsung s22 device does not find local host using full name

S22 Android 12 device here. I have my own DNS server on a local network. Phone seems to pick up local DNS, but it will not address devices using fully-qualified name. Example (in adb): g0q:/ $ ping ...
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How do you configure secure DNS (aka "private DNS") with cloudflare?

note: there are a lot of DNS questions on I'm creating this question because all the other DNS questions were for different scenarios and I wanted to keep this up to date ...
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