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Manually switch carriers Project Fi

I have heard that you can manually switch carriers when using Project Fi. How do I go about this? What is the easiest way? Edit: Is there an app that does this too?
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Nexus 5X vibrates despite disabling in app settings

My phone vibrates on all notifications despite turning off vibrate in the settings of each individual app that has the option. How can I block vibrating notifications for specific apps? According to ...
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String of jumbled text is appended to every incoming SMS with Project Fi

I just picked up a new Honor 8 (running EMUI 5/Android Nougat) and I'm having an odd problem when receiving SMS messages. Whenever I get a message, an odd string of text with a length of 16, ...
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Project Fi - What Magic Hardware Allows Carrier Switching?

Project Fi lists the Pixel, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P as the only compatible phones with their auto network-switching system, and the FAQ and many reviews state that these phones have special radios: ...
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WiFi disconnects in doze mode

Nexus 5x and Pixel with project fi. No antivirus installed. OS 8.1.0 Regularly puts me on LTE connection both at home and in the office. How do I force WiFi to always connect to known networks ...
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Cannot send/receive MMS on Project Fi with unlocked Blu Advance A6

I have been trying to get my unlocked Blu Advance A6 on Android 7.0 working with Project Fi and I can't seem to get MMS messages working in the default app or Signal. Regular text messages can be ...
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