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How do I translate an application that is protected and cannot be translated by AllTrans Xposed Module?

I've been trying to translate this application using AllTrans, yet I don't know how to do it by extracting and recompiling the APK?
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App whitelist in stock android

Is there a way to create a whitelist for apps in stock android? Ie. I would like to limit what apps are possible to launch, for example by password protecting them. Anything resembling kiosk modes or ...
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Any protected firewall available

is there any protected firewall available? I have tried many & the problem was as follow: - it works very well but ANY user can simply uninstall it!! how didn't they put this into consideration. - ...
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Setup Android for kids?

How to setup Android so that the phone app is completely usable without a pin, but all others apps need unlocking
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What is protected apps in Huawei phones?

There is a setting in Huawei phones that allow you to add applications as protected. What is that setting mean? Are there other vendors that have a similar feature? I've noticed that some ...
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Backing up data of protected apps

I am using adb to backup some applications' data from my old phone to my new one. It worked fine for all apps except the one I purchased, it took me a while to figure that out since Android and its ...
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How does the device knows an app is installed before?

Some apps gives premium support for some limited time. If I uninstalled and installed it next time I couldn't get the same features. How does the application keeps a record of the device? And is it ...
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How to backup protected apps for later use?

I there any way i can backup the protected apps as apks as it is possible to backup free apps using the avilable backups apps for later use. why i want this: I don't want to download the apps again ...
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How to give root access to apps that don't request it?

I've been using the app SystemPanel for some time now to archive my Android apps. It works great, but it cannot archive apps that have been installed under /data/app-private, because this directory ...
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How does Android handle tablet specific apps and how do you distinguish these apps?

How does Android handle tablet specific apps and how do you distinguish these apps? I know there are Android apps that only work on Tablet devices (they say there are currently 16) and wont work on ...
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Is there a way to trick the Android Market into thinking I'm using a different device do I can download protected apps?

I have an unrooted Archos 70IT with the market add-on app and there's a number of apps that I can find in the Market on my Droid but not on my Archos. They are likely "protected apps" which can only ...
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