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Questions tagged [quick-responses]

Feature introduced in Android 4.0 to allow you to respond to an incoming call with a canned SMS response.

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how to improve performance for games?

When touch responsiveness is really important (other than urgent moments, actually that would be a more important context). I have a sm-j700, android 6.0.1, 1.34GB RAM (low RAM is the biggest problem)....
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Use Quick Responses with Hangouts' Implementation of Google Voice

Back in the days of the original Google Voice app it was not possible to send quick replies when you're receiving a call through Google Voice. But now that Google Voice is integrated with Hangouts is ...
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11 votes
5 answers

Use Quick Responses with Google Voice

One of the most useful features introduced in Ice Cream Sandwich is "Quick Responses": the ability to send a default SMS message to the caller. "Can't talk now. Will call you back." etc. However, I'...
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Change predefined SMS messages as a reply to being busy

Can predefined SMS messages that you can select when not being able to pick up the call be somehow configurable? Can we change them somehow? I know there's the last option of writing a custom SMS ...
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25 votes
2 answers

How to disable "reject call with an SMS"?

ICS introduced an option to reject incoming calls with an SMS. Is there a way to disable this function. If yes, how? Sony Xperia S handset running JB
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Reply-by-SMS with Google Voice

I've got a Samsung Galaxy Nexus running stock Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1. As you probably know, Jelly Bean has a new feature that allows you to "respond-by-SMS" to incoming phone calls. Unfortunately, ...
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