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Ability to unlock phone in read only mode (and multiple phone users)

Wouldn't it be nice if Android and Android apps catered towards the ability to unlock your phone on read only mode. In this way, you can give your phone to someone (for instance, a family member), and ...
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Read websites text on Chrome/Firefox/Edge mobile

Is there any way (e.g. extension) for text reading (text-to-speech) from websites through mobile browsers Chrome/Firefox/Edge, etc.? I'm at the Android latest.
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How to Read the Key from phone internal storage generated when formatted sd card as internal storage? [duplicate]

If I manage to get root access to my device, where to find and how to read the decryption Key? I selected sd card to be used as internal storage and removed it without Using 'Eject' , that too ...
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Firefox Reader Mode lost my form input

I accidentally clicked on the stupid Reader Mode button in Firefox while I was typing into a form on a webpage, then quickly tapped it again to return to normal mode, but it reloaded the page, losing ...
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How to open big EPUB files?

Just found out that Play Books has a limit of 100MB for each .EPUB file one wants to upload. Are there alternative eReaders for Android that would allow to upload/read bigger .EPUB files? This one ...
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Setting screen timeout when browsing

I know that it's a often asked question, however, none of the answers are applicable to me. I read this, this and this answers, but some apps (like Screebl or Keep Screen Lite) are non-existent ...
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1.5 GB limit on file seek addressing?

I am trying to transfer 5.4 GB file form an android internal memory (Sony Xperia Z2). But it seems that most applications have issues addressing the file beyond cca 1.5 GB. They just can't read the ...
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How to disable the reading voice on incoming calls in LG G2 Mini running Android 4.4.2?

I have LG G2 Mini running Android 4.4.2 with Kernel 3.4.0. If you need Build number or Software Version or Baseband version , let me know. I tried to search but couldn't find anything useful for how ...
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2 answers

Google Play Books - Navigate back to reading passage text

Often in ebooks there are links embedded in paragraphs that reference some image or figure in the previous chapters or sections. Once I've clicked on it (and viewed that image), how do I get back to ...
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Set Nook Simple Touch back to Stock Reading App

I've a Nook Simple Touch, rooted, with ReLaunch and Aldiko. I'd like to return to the Stock Reading App (instead of Aldiko). I can't find the stock reading app. I have 'Open with' available on the ...
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memory card not working [duplicate]

i bought a new android phone and i inserted a 32gb sdhc card that i used in my htc on it. it works well for 3 days , suddenly it showed me a message unsafe to remove memory card. then i reinserted the ...
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1 answer

How do I access the reflow mode on Adobe Reader?

How do I access the reflow mode on Adobe Reader for Android?
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11 votes
3 answers

Google Currents vs Google Reader

They appear to perform the same functionality... only difference I see is that Currents layout is more like a magazine. And I can import my Reader subscriptions to Currents. What's the difference ...
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Is there a way to adjust the size of the text when reading PDF files?

When I use Aldiko to a book in epub format on a mobile device with a small screen, I can read it without problems. The text is adjustable to the size, the application has no issues. The opposite is ...
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Best Reading App for Personal PDFs which Remembers Last Location on an Android Tablet [closed]

I like the Kindle app (it remembers the last location) and the Adobe PDF app (it can view PDFs), but I'm looking for an app for my tablet which remembers the last location and can view PDFs.
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Text-to-speech reading queue?

Anything similar to InstaPaper/Chrome to Phone, but with reading (text-to-speech) capabilities?
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3 answers

Screen timeout when reading

I have my screen timeout set to 30 seconds, which is a good interval normally. However, when i am in a browser reading or Adobe Reader or ThinkFree or whichever other reader, I would like the timeout ...
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