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MI Redmi 2 stuck on Black Screen and not booting into Fastboot or recovery mode

sometime ago I installed Linage OS 17.1 on my MI Redmi 2 (1GB) and also resized my system partition to 2.00GB and after some time I faced some auto-restarting problems then I decided to install the ...
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Is it possible to install Android Go Edition in Xiaomi Redmi 2 pro?

I have an old Xiaomi Redmi 2 pro from 2015. This phone has Android 5.1.1 installed, 16MB capacity and even with a fresh install there's only about 2GB left. I read Android Go is lighter and leaves ...
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Can I use the image built for the Xiaomi Redmi 2 on the Redmi 2 pro?

It seems that the only difference between the Xiaomi Redmi 2 and the Xiaomi Redmi 2 pro is that the pro version has more internal storage and more RAM. So I suppose I can use the same cyanogenmod ...
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Is Xiaomi Redmi 2 truly 64-bit ? Seller says so

My Phone was sold to me as 64-bit architecture, but the Apps like device control, show that it is actually 32-bit. What is correct? And if anything is wrong, how should I proceed?
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