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Reformat sdcard on every reboot in MIU13

I have an Android 12 with MIUI 13, Xiaomi Redmin Note 11 pro 5g. sdcard works flawlessly, configured as an removable/external memory. I reboot the phone, and it asks me if I want to use it as an ...
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How to format the internal memory of a Huawei Mate 20 Lite?

I have a Huawei Mate 20 lite I need to format its internal memory. I don't mean to reset it to factory defaults. I mean I have to format it, that is, I have to overwrite the internal memory with 0s (...
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Should a new microSD card appear to have folders in Android?

We have a new Moto G8 Power and a new Samsung microSD card. I put the card in and turned the new phone on. When I looked in the file browser app it shows Samsung SD Card and that there’s 13 MB used, ...
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Can Android detect of bad sectors on external SD Cards when reformating?

Title: Can Android perform surface analysis (Detection of bad sectors) on external SD Cards? Reasons for asking: 1. At one point, I found tons of old pictures and videos in the 'LostDir' folder. ...
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Filesystem for sdcard to store large file and apps access

I am running android oreo 8.1 (custom ROM) on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro. I have a 64GB memory card in which I want to store large files of size 15GB, 20GB etc. So I can't use FAT32 filesystem. I ...
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Formatting external sd card as an internal storage [duplicate]

I'm on Samsung Galaxy On7, Android 6.0.1-Marshmallow. My phone has a small internal memory, due to which I'm thinking of converting the sd card to an internal storage facility. I read this article, ...
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Xposed as a system app

And by the course of the days, memory keeps stacking and stacking up on Android, I have the habit of restoring the phone after a while (even with root, SuperSU as system app). But now I have Xposed ...
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Any way to format external sd card as FAT?

I've been searching on Google to find a way to format an external sd card in FAT file format, but I didn't find anything. Every links were asking for FAT32 or EXT4. I use AndroidM. Recovery is TWRP 3....
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Reformat / reset an unrooted phone and wipe /system

I'd like to reformat / reset my verizon Samsung S4 (SCH-I545, baseband **OF1, Android 5.0.1). After doing a number of tests and experimentation, I believe that there is a malicious binary sitting in /...
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wiping device and re-entering account info reloads all previously loaded apps

My phone was running quite slow so I decided to wipe it and re-enter my account info into it. After I did that all the apps I had previously had installed started re-downloading themselves. My contact ...
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How do I reformat a fixed-state/pseudo-readonly SD card?

Alright, so this is an ongoing saga of trying to fix my broken SD card. Let me struggle to explain what's wrong with it. When copying files to the SD card The files are completely corrupted. For ...
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How to format /storage/sdcard0 in ext4

I tried to create a symbolic link on the "internal SD card" of my Galaxy SD2. It failed with "permission denied" and I quickly realized this file system is vfat. How can I reformat /storage/sdcard0 ...
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How to fix bad sector on NAND Flash Memory [closed]

A week ago, I flashed my Nexus S 4g with a custom kernel (Matrix) and ROM (CWM9). On reboot, my NS4G always bootloops, stuck on bootloader loading screen, and never gets to the Android System. It had ...
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What to do before reformatting phone or setting back to factory state?

Recently it seems as if my phone has bogged down to a point where is is almost unusable (Droid Eris running 2.1). I'm on the verge of reformatting or setting back to a factory state. I was ...
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