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Can you stop people from adding you to RCS group chats?

I keep getting added to RCS group chats by Nigerian/Filipino numbers asking for my credit card details, so I would like to know if there's something I can do to stop that. Can I require my approval ...
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How to emoji react in SMS to iPhone users in Google Messages

I've tried searching online but haven't found an answer but is there any way to emoji react to SMS messages (Samsung Galaxy A53) on messages sent from iPhone users? They are able to add emoji ...
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Chats are no longer RCS after restore

I have Android 14 with root. I restored my text messages from a backup made with Swift Backup. Now no conversations are using RCS, even the ones that did before the restore. For example it's now ...
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How to permanently disable the annoying "RCS chats" popup in Messages app

I have a Pixel 3. I try to avoid using SMS and instead use Signal whenever possible. When I do use SMS (the Messages app), I don't want "RCS chats" to be enabled. But nearly every time I ...
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Google Messages: "This RCS chat is no longer end to end encrypted." Why is RCS so flaky?

I have recently ditched Signal and started using Google Messages with RCS instead. Many times, sending fails, either from my side or from the other party (several different people, all using Android). ...
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RCS chat on Messages not working

One of my friends also have an Android phone, and ever since we've been texting, we've been using the RCS chat. Recently, I went outside the country, and the chat defaulted to SMS instead. Fine. But ...
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Cannot disable MMS link sharing without creating Samsung account

When I try to send a picture using the standard SMS/MMS app "Messages", my Samsung S20 does NOT send it as an MMS. Instead, it sends a plain SMS with a web link to a deep subdomain of ...
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Google's Messages app says text message sent by SMS

Pixel 4a, Android 11 As in the title, why does Google's Messages app says sent by SMS? (Text messages are sent by SMS anyway, why emphasize?). See below OK in the screenshot. This is a self answered ...
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RCS Messaging Encryption

With the launch of Google's RCS messaging protocol, is there any reason as to why it doesn't support end-to-end encryption, or is it a feature that they intend to implement at a later time?
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