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RSS is a web feed format used to publish frequently updated works (blog entries, news headlines, etc.). This tag is appropriate to use for questions about consuming RSS feeds or generically for apps that can consume RSS feeds.

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How to determine rss feed url of streaming audio android?

Main Question: While listening to streaming audio on my android device, how would I uncover the rss feed url the audio is coming from? My idea: Using a app similar to glasswire to see the address of ...
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Ways to consume Linux and open-source related news on Android device? [closed]

I would like to read Linux and open-source related news from my Android device. My current solution is a gReader Pro, which supports 4x4 widget and I have configured it to display RSS feeds from ...
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Extracting feeds and items deleted from RssDemon in 4.0.0 update

So, in RssDemon's 4.0.0 update they deleted all user feeds, saved items, etc. Many users are naturally very unhappy about this. It seems possible that the old data is still on the phone, if one knows ...
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How can I watch for uninstalled app updates? [duplicate]

What is the best, non-manual, way of checking to see if an app that I do not have installed has an update? For example, I do not have Google Camera installed, but I may want to install it when a new ...
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Flipboard RSS account

How can I add my RSS account to Flipboard? I have my twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts on Flipboard, but my RSS feeds, from my old Google RSS, are now on Feedly, and I would like the feeds to ...
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How can I use "The Old Reader" on Android?

The Old Reader is so far my best replacement for Google Reader. Is there a way to use it on Android, for example an RSS app that syncs with it?
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Get RSS link from page into RSSDemon

When I tap on an explicit RSS link shown in a web page, I have the opportunity to complete the action using RSSDemon. But no such thing happens for hidden RSS links, whose presence is revealed via the ...
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Is there a way to have Google Reader sync much more aggressively? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I access my Google Reader entries offline? I commute via subway and I like to read my RSS feeds on the train, but I don't have any network connectivity at that point ...
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Google Reader App that fetches the full article content

I've been searching and hoping to find an app for Android that syncs up with Google Reader and has one key feature. The feature I'm looking for is the ability to fetch the entire news article that ...
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App to download rss enclosures (just like a podcatcher) [closed]

Is there an Android app that is able to download rss enclosures? I want to setup calibre on a server to download articles from some newspaper-sites and converts them to .epub. Then I want to have an ...
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Import OPML file to RSS Android?

I have "liferea feed reader" on Linux for RSS feeds. Is there a way I could import all my added feeds there to Android? (NOTE: the extension of RSS exported file is "opml".)
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RSS Reader that supports secure feeds?

Does there exist an RSS reader that supports secure (NTLM + HTTPS) feeds? I've tried RSS Demon, with no luck.
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How to delete gReader stored RSS feeds from Phone memory manually [closed]

I was just fiddling with gReader when I noticed that by default the application saves the feeds to the phone memory. So I immediately changed that to SD card memory. However, on doing this all the ...
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How to add Android StackExchange RSS feed to HTC news reader app

I've been trying to add to my RSS feeds in the News application on my HTC Desire Z. However it doesn't "find" any results. I just want to add this URL as it is ...
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Google Reader is "de-syncing" [closed]

I've noticed that for the last couple of days any time I open or refresh the Google Reader app (the official one from Google) it marks the last 200+ items that are in my feed as Unread (which it then ...
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Is There an Official Google Reader App With Widget?

Does anyone know if there is an official app from Google for Google Reader? I would like an official app with a widget that displays the number of unread feed items. Good News! Google just added ...
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High-density RSS reader widget

I've been trying to find a good RSS widget that maximizes the number of entries that will fit in 4x2 or 4x4, especially for titles or sites with short entries like headlines. Any good ones out there?
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