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Questions tagged [rsync]

'rsync' is a synchronization protocol originating on Unix/Linux platforms, but also has been ported to Windows. It is used to synchronize files and directories.

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Is root ownership inherited in shell scripts? (rsync via ssh permission denied)

I am running Android Revolution HD 52.0 custom ROM (Android 4.3) with Koush's superuser on a Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300. In the hope of using some native shell applications on my phone for ...
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How to make rsync save a huge file entirely?

I have tried to sync from a Linux device to Android device using Rsync Wrapper. The source file size is about 6 GB. But the problem is that the file manager shows the destination file is much smaller. ...
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Fix SELinux labels after restoring /data on CM 12.1

I restored an automatic backup on Cyanogenmod 12.1 created with rsync of my /data partition, but now SELinux is denying apps access to their data. Disabling SELinux "fixes" this problem, but can I ...
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ADB push sync but delete files at destination that don't exist at the origin

I'm sure I did this a few months back, but I'm drawing a complete blank. I'm syncing my music using from my computer to my phone via usb using: adb push --sync local remote That's all fine until I ...
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Whatsapp media and Android 11: media folder changed?

After upgrading my OnePlus 6T from Android 9 to 11, all my images disappeared in WhatsApp, with typical error message: "Sorry, this media file doesn't exist on your internal storage" The ...
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rooted device: how to run SSH server persistent even on reboot

I (linux user but not an expert) just moved from iOS to android, my device is rooted (Samsung s9) and I want a ssh server running all the time on my android device (I prefer openssh over dropbear) ...
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Backup of internal and SD storage via script (USB)

tl;dr I want to backup my internal storage and SD card contents when connected via USB cable due to potentially large amounts of data I don't want to use WiFi-based programs failed attempt at using ...
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