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Questions tagged [rsync]

'rsync' is a synchronization protocol originating on Unix/Linux platforms, but also has been ported to Windows. It is used to synchronize files and directories.

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4 votes
2 answers

Sync ext SD to USB OTG **without** using a PC

Device Details Moto X Play - Android 6.0.1, Rooted (Systemless root) Samsung 64 GB ext SD San Disk 128 GB USB - came shipped with FAT 32 reformatted to exFAT since I have folders > 4 GB on external ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Rsync-like downloads over adb?

NOTE: I asked a similar question here several days ago, but I was told to re-post it to "Stack Exchange Software Recommendations", which I did. Now, I posted this current question to "Stack Exchange ...
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2 answers

Questions about phone migration using rsync

I'm planning to get a new android phone and I'm wondering what's considered best practice to move all data and settings. I know that lots of stuff goes to google, but I'd like to migrate app data as ...
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