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S Pen: The stylus included with the Samsung Galaxy Note devices.

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1 answer

How to adjust S Pen pressure sensitivity on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1?

A little background on me: I'm a professional cartoonist and have been working digital for about 20 years. I've had numerous Wacom devices & currently enjoy a Cintiq 21UX (older model). I also ...
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0 answers

S-Pen only (touch screen disabled)?

I take hand written notes on my Samsung Tablet S3, as well as my Samsung Note 8 phone, using the S Pen. Both are on Android 9. Palm rejection and other accidental touches are mostly rejected, but ...
1 vote
1 answer

S-pen SDK Compatibility

Has anyone seen the S-pens SDK in the Play Store or galaxy apps store? What exactly is it for and even if I'm not developing any kind of modifications to the S-pen feature of Samsung phones can I ...
1 vote
1 answer

How does S Pen (Samsung) show cursor on screen?

I would like to know how does samsung android os show the pen cursor when I took the pen out and point over screen without touching the screen? It is a miracle for me. I cannot find any sources.
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2 answers

Can Scrap Booker be replaced with Evernote in Air Command on Galaxy Note 3?

Scrap Booker – save anything you encounter – such as websites, maps, and pictures – into organized scrapbook categories with accompanied notes and information for later browsing. (from Phandroid ...
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is there a stable Note 3 mod utilizing S-pen? [duplicate]

Is there a stable Mod that does not compromise on the S-pen of Note 3? Since a mod could better utilize the raw power of the device.
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1 answer

Galaxy Note 3 - Is there a way to add more apps to use when drawing a 'Pen Window'?

Is there a way to add more applications in the list that appears when you press the button on the S-Pen and select "Pen Window" to draw a floating application? It would be really nice if you could ...