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S Voice is an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator which is only available as a built-in application for various Samsung devices

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How to stop S Voice from starting every time the headphones is inserted to Samsung Galaxy S5?

The moment I insert my headphones to my Samsung Galaxy S5 to play music, the S Voice will auto appear and my music stops. I have to cancel it and after a while, the S Voice repeats itself. I've ...
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Galaxy S5 S Voice unable to detect current location

I used to use S Voice to bring up navigation: "Navigate to 123 Elm Street Springfield" And it would take me directly to google maps navigation. Now when I do that it says, "Sorry, I am unable to ...
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How to use your voice to add items to a shopping list?

With iOS Siri, you can say "Add tomatoes to my shopping list" and it will add it to a list titled "Shopping List" in the "Notes" app, easy. In Android, using S Voice or Google Voice, if you say "Add ...
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Galaxy S4 bluetooth voice commands

Can anyone help me out. I recently changed my Razr for Galaxy S4 (SCH-I545) on Verizon. I would like to access S-Voice from my bluetooth headpiece, but if I have a pin number set for the phone's lock ...
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Can I send text using S-voice through Google Voice?

I have a Galaxy S 3. Can I send an SMS using Google Voice using S-voice (like I can natively)?
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changing the "hi galaxy" phrase. is it even possible?

Every once in a while, my note 3 wakes up on its own thinking somebody said "Hi Galaxy" and gets itself into the listening mode to start capturing what it hears from that moment on, then submits to ...
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Can I make S-Voice use my Exchange server contacts?

Unfortunately, S-Voice doesn't recognize any of my friend's full names. When I say "Call [First Name] [Last Name]", it recognizes "Call [First Name] [Some dictionary word that sounds similar to Last ...
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Voice commands for contacts with unusual names

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 3. My partner's name is not "anglo" and I have not worked out a way to pronounce it and have it understood. Are there work-arounds for this? Can I get the phone to ...
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How to disable shortcut to launch (Samsung's) S Voice *without* accepting its ToS?

By default, when you double-tap the home key, you'll launch straight into S Voice. To disable that shortcut, one could load S Voice, then press the menu key and hit "Settings." Next, uncheck "...
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S-voice on Samsung Galaxy S4 "No response from server..."

I saw similar post about this problem from 5 days ago (8/15/13). That is also when S-voice stopped working on my Samsung Galaxy S4, even though it was working perfectly for the past 3 weeks. My ...
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How to enable voice-activation of S Voice when in car?

I am only interested in using S Voice with voice activation (i.e. "Hi Galaxy!") when driving. Is there any way to activate S Voice when I plug my Samsung Galaxy S3 into my car's charger?
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Is S Voice slow?

Is Svoice taking like atleast 10 seconds (sometimes more) to accept a command and reply (even if the reply is "I didnt catch that" ? Or is my device this slow?
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