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How to disable power button turning on flashlight while screen off in Android?

I have a galaxy S20+, and multiple times per day, when I pick up my phone or pull it out of my pocket and turn the screen on, the flashlight comes on too. It's very annoying. The flashlight is ...
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how do I make bixby have a default command, for e.g. take screenshot

How do I have a default bixby take screenshot command. Android 12/13
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Low disk storage Space, 47G is used by Bixby Vision

I started getting low disk space a week ago, everyday I clean up cache and data from Apps, even uninstalling apps, but still get the space issue again after a few hours. I download DiskUsage app and ...
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Reassign Bixby button on rooted S10

I never use Bixby on my rooted Galaxy S10e, so I would like to repurpose the Bixby button, for instance as camera shutter or to open an app of my choice. Question: How to do that? Note: I tried ...
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Bixby command to rotate the screen?

On my Samsung S9 the Bixby application is updated, so I can remap it to applications or commands. How can I create a command to rotate the screen?
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Disable Bixby on Galaxy S9 without root?

I have read this question and realised that it is outdated. With the most recent android update for my Galaxy S9, I have no way to disable the Bixby button out of the box. Previously I had to sign in ...
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Is there a way to completely disable all Bixby functionality without rooting the S9+?

I would like to get rid of Bixby altogether and preferably reassign the Bixby hardware button to a different function. Is that at all possible and if so: how?
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