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For questions truly specific to the "Samsung Droid Charge" (SCH-I510, aka "Samsung SCH-i510", "Samsung Inspiration", "Samsung Stealth", "Samsung Stealth V", "Samsung 4G LTE", "Samsung Galaxy S Aviator").

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Wireless Charging stopped working; Could it be a software issue? (Samsung Galaxy S3)

I've had a Samsung Galaxy S3 for a few years, I even upgraded to a newer model, and revered back to my trusty ol' S3 because I missed it, and was and was happy with it's size & features. ...
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Android USB port suddenly functional

I did system update on my android device and after some days, i discovered my phone which used to fully charge under two hours could only charge around 10% in an hour. I couldn't connect via the USB ...
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How to fix my droid phone that is just blank

I have the Samsung droid Charge (SCH-I510) and I tried to load bootloader to it and now the screen is just black.when I insert usb to it,the buttons at the bottom light up but the screen is just blank....
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What is the status icon that looks like a house?

There is a strange icon that shows up in my status bar only when I'm at a certain restaurant. It looks like a cross between a house and wifi. I suspect it might be a free wifi hotspot or something ...
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Is my phone's GPS limited by US regulations? [closed]

Apparently any GPS module made in the US and exported is classified as a munition if it is: Capable of providing navigation information under the following operational condition: At speeds ...
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Droid Charge SCH-I510 Memory Dump Crash [closed]

I am a Android developer who has been noticing horrible performance and memory dumps that are crashing my Droid Charge SCH-i510. Besides the lack of roadmap for the phone ( because obviously they are ...
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Android not registering A and PTR records with DNS server

I have been running ISC BIND and DHCP servers on my private lan for quite some time now. Recently, I configured the two servers to enable Dynamic DNS updates to my private zone. It seems to be working,...
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How to take a screen shot of my text messges?

I know how to take screenshots on my Droid Charge but everytime I go to take a picture of a text message it always goes to the page before and takes the picture. It is very frustrating. If you know ...
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Home button for wake sleep

Using Verizon Samsung Droid Charge how can I wake the phone using the home button instead of just the side power button? (My phone is rooted.)
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What is this system icon that looks like a plus inside a diamond with three curved lines extending from its right side on Samsung?

My Samsung Droid Charge has an icon in my status bar that looks like a plus inside a diamond with three curved lines extending from its right side. It is the left-most icon in the right adjusted icons ...
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Android Browser Brightness Setting

The web browser application on my Samsung Droid Charge has a Brightness Setting that can be accessed from the menu button while the browser is running. There is no setting to have the browser ...
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