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How to get google play account to see default apps on fresh account?

I've converted my old Samsung Epic 4G to a no-carrier pocket computer. I figured out how to delete the number and user info (easy, but took some effort to find out how), and then did a factory reset. ...
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USB Error after failed attempt at flashing

After using Odin to flash my Samsung Epic D700 (and apparently doing something wrong), I can only boot to Download mode. If I try to boot, I don't even get to the Samsung splash screen. All I have ...
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how do I know if I uninstalled something I shouldn't have

Epic sph-d700 rooted 2.3.6 kernel v FC09 I wanted to free up RAM by removing some system apps. after removing 7 of them my system started having unexpected errors. Google play updates ...
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Try to install Clockworkmod Recovery, always getting stock recovery

I'm trying to install Cyanogenmod on my Samsung Epic 4G. I've tried a couple of ways to get Clockworkmod Recovery on the phone, but every time I boot it into recovery mode I get the stock recovery ...
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Root Samsung Epic Galaxy 4G (SPH-D700) on FC09 Gingerbread?

I have been searching for a while and am trying to figure out if I can root the SPH-D700 on the FC09 update. I just cant find any information regarding that. Id like to Root the phone, either if I ...
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How do I stop the 3g/4g radio from turning off?

When I watch youtube videos on my samsung epic 4g, most of the time when I click a video to watch it does the "Loading" spin gif animation forever, and I can see the little arrows on the 3g/4g symbol ...
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How can I download an MP3 to my phone instead of opening it in a music player?

I'm trying to download podcast MP3s to my phone so I can listen to them in my car. Ideally, I'd like to be able to Chrome-to-Phone them from my computer at home, and then choose to download and play ...
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Titanium Backup Locks Up When Trying To Restore System Upates (

Okay, so in an attempt to stop the OTA notification, I un-installed System Updates 1.0.0 ( using Titanium Backup. Well, that didn't help, so I'm trying to restore the app in-case I ...
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How can I retrieve data from an Epic 4G without a working screen?

My epic 4g served me well for 10 months before the screen died out on me. I bought a new one and would like to transfer data from my old phone to my new phone, however, it seems impossible when the ...
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can my Device ID # on my Android Samsung Epic be changed?

I was Banned from an App (for quoting Monty Python no less!) but want back in. Is there a way to change my Device ID # so that I can start anew and sign up with the App again? I don't want to get a ...
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Flashing 2.3.3 'Leaky' onto a Samsung Epic 4G

What can go wrong when flashing an unstable Android OS onto a phone? Is there an easy way to reset the phone if something goes wrong? Has anyone out there had experience flashing Android OS? Why ...
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Lock screen clock cut off?

I have a new Samsung Epic 4G which has a clock on the top of the unlock screen. For some reason, however, most of the date gets cut off. So what I see is "Fri May." and the time. It seems like a font ...
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