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What are the factors affecting the ability to enable/disable VoLTE?

In response to this zero-day vulnerabilities for certain Exynos chipsets, I tried to turn off VoLTE on Samsung Galaxy S9 running Android 10 (build number QP1A.190711.020.G960USQU9FVB2) but couldn't ...
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How to stop my notification bar from constantly scrolling down?

Whenever I am viewing some word document or PDF or the Instagram chat in my Samsung A20 phone, the notification bar automatically scrolls down even when it does not have any notification. Even the &...
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Use USB OTG mic audio device for audio input ONLY (use mic with headphones)

I want to record some audio using a USB mic and my OTG-supporting Android phone. The problem is, because the phone recognizes the mic as an audio input/output device even though the mic has no ...
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Samsung reboots daily, but 'uptime' says otherwise

I'm pretty sure my Samsung Galaxy A20 reboots daily, at around the same time, showing the usual signs of a reboot: sounds some kind of notification it's rebooted, takes a few seconds to find the SIM ...
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My samsung a20 was dropped and the screen is black, can't get the alarm to shut off

My samsung a20 was dropped and screen cracked,it worked for a hour or so then screen went completely black...hey google works but can't get the alarm to shut off now...i need all my important ...
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Default ATI Path Change setting on Samsung Galaxy A20

I've just purchased my Samsung Galaxy A20 and was configuring my settings, and I'm unsure what this specific setting does. ATI Path Change (Both) [0] Physical UART path [1] AP path [2] Both ATI, No ...
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