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My massages are not delivered to a particular contact on Whatsapp

I have a friend. He lives in Finland and uses WhatsApp on his iOS Phone. I'm in Iran and use WhatsApp for Android on my Galaxy A8. Over the past few months, our ability to communicate through this app ...
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Phone virbates without there being any notification

My phone, Samsung A8 2018, sometimes vibrates without there being any notification. I've noticed this since yesterday. The two new things which yesterday changed about my phone are: I updated my ...
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Transfering data from non-default apps to new phone

I'm currently in the process of transferring my old phone's (Samsung Galaxy A8) settings, data, media etc to the new one (Samsung S22 Ultra). The Samsung Smart Switch app does transfer things like the ...
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RQT_CLOSE when flashing TWRP into Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) with Odin

I am trying to flash TWRP into my Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) based on official instructions from:
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How to turn off CPU cores on Samsung Galaxy A8?

I need to turn off CPU cores in order to make energy measurements of sets of cpu cores in isolation (meaning that I want to run an application on a set of cpu cores and turn off the cpu cores that are ...
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