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1 answer

Can't boot Samsung galaxy ace GT-S5830i Failed to mount /system (Invalid argument)

I can't boot my Samsung galaxy ace GT-S5830I after I tried to flash a custom rom built for the GT-S5830, if I try and boot into Recovery I get the following errors: -- Applying Multi-CSC -- E: failed ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Insufficient memory nfs most wanted

I have samsung galaxy ace plus s7500 with 1.8 GB available internal storage and 8GB memory card. I want to run NFS most wanted on it that take around 2GB of space. Could you please tell me a way to ...
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1 answer

How to upgrade my samsung galaxy ace plus GT -S7500 from Gingerbread to Jellybean [duplicate]

I would like to know How to upgrade my samsung galaxy ace plus GT-S7500 from Gingerbread to Jellybean.? Details are as follows Model Number: Samsung GT-S7500 Android version: 2.3.6 Baseband Version:...
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3 answers

What's a quick way to turn on the torch?

In my accessibility settings on my Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus (GT-S7500), there is an "Assistive light" option that "Turn[s] on torch to see better". It activates the light on the back of the device. ...
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Install custom rom ACE PLUS without voiding warranty

I read somewhere that we can install custom ROM in our devices without voiding warranty ace plus is not getting updates soon. Is there any method by which we can install that and please suggest a ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Why is "Samsung Push Service" using so much of my battery?

Looking at the battery usage summary on my Galaxy Ace Plus (GT-S7500), I found that "Samsung Push Service" (v1.0.4) has used 29% of my battery. I'm having problems with the battery not lasting very ...
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