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11 votes
4 answers

How can I export Samsung memos?

Using the built-in Memo app on a Samsung Galaxy Avant, I've created several memo files, and they are saved on the device and synced with my Samsung account. How can I export the memos as text files, ...
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1 answer

Process has stopped

So my phone (Samsung Galaxy Avant) was working just fine until last night where I keep getting this error. I can use my phone just fine for maybe,2 minutes,but after that,it crashes. I already tried ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Windows claims that my device has malfunctioned?

The issue (summarized) My phone will not be recognized by ANY computer, regardless of OS, with or without drivers. Kies is not installed, nor Android Transfer (in the case of my iMac), and I am at my ...
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My Phone will not recognize USB connected

There is no USB options when I connect to pc. I have tried a Galaxy Avant phone with the same cable and works, so it is not the computer or the cable. I have turned off and on USB debugging. I have ...
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Galaxy Avant - "Lock automatically" turns Keyguard back on

I have a new Samsung Galaxy Avant and I want to setup tasker like my old phone, specifically to turn off the Keyguard when I'm home. It works, until the "Settings > Lock screen > Lock automatically" ...
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