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For questions truly specific to the *Samsung Galaxy Chat* (aka *B5330*) device.

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"Internet not available" error while trying to connect to wifi

I have a samsung galaxy chat B5330 device. Whenever I try to connect it to wifi, I get various errors as follows, Using DHCP :- Here it shows a "obtaining IP address" message but never connects. ...
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How to root Samsung galaxy chat B5330?

The title says it all. I have read this rooting tag info throughly and did all that was necessary to ensure this question is not duplicate. There are some guides on the web, but they only make me go ...
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Unable to use Network: "Not Registered On Network"

I am using Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330 (officially upgraded from 4.0.4 to 4.1.2). It used to work fine, but since a few days I am not able to call or send sms or use any network related services. It ...
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How to add another language to a Samsung Galaxy Chat physical keyboard?

Having got a Samsung Galaxy Chat (B5330) I'd like to use its physical keyboard to to enter not only english but also central european (czech) and cyrillic (russian) letters (I am ok with english-only ...
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