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Change the Samsung's "Quick Settings" background color Or Remove Quick Settings

I have Samsung galaxy core 2 Phone. I just want to change the background color (The Dull Blue Colored one) of the quick settings tab. I tried it by using Wanam Xposed. It has many options, but I can't ...
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Problem downloading a game

I'm trying to download Clash of Clans from Google Play, as I always did. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Core 2, and the Android version is 4.4.2. The download starts but when it is done appears a ...
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Rooting failed, superSU remains

I tried to root my Galaxy Core 2 Duos using Kingo root, which installed SuperSU. Unfortunately rooting failed all of a sudden, but still SuperSU remains. How can I remove SuperSU from my device?
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samsung galaxy core-i8262 /system/xbin/su path

I have samsung gt-i8262 phone. scenario: i want to drop superSU binary for gaining root access. I tried framaroot but was not successful. now I am using cydia impactor to execute script as /system/...
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