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For questions specific to the "Samsung Galaxy Player" tablet/portable media devices.

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Is it possible to handle cell phone calls through a Samsung Galaxy Player?

I currently have a Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 running Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. I was wondering if there was anyway to sync my cell phone to it via Bluetooth and then handle all of my calls and texts ...
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Google Voice free calls on a Tablet

I recently bought a small tablet - a Samsung Galaxy Player. I've been using Google Voice to text all my friends for free. However, I would like to start being able to call my friends as well, and have ...
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Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 can't connect to any of Google services

I'm not really sure if this question is fit for this site, but a few days ago my Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 stopped being able to connect to Gmail, Google Talk and Play Store using their respective ...
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Parted says external SD card has no partitions, but Android can still read it

I have a 16GB external SD card that I'm currently using for my music collection. Android reads it just fine, and CWM mounts it perfectly. I'm on Gingerbread (I have my reasons). I opened up adb shell ...
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Samsung Galaxy Player has music in folder, not playing

I have a Samsung Galaxy Player that I have added music to from iTunes, into the "music" folder. But the songs do not appear in the music player to be played, or placed in a play list? Any ideas?
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Samsung Galaxy Player 5 Bootloop

I have a Samsung Galaxy Player 5 (US Edition) that is stuck in an infinite boot loop (Hangs at the Samsung logo). The device was running stock Android 2.3.5 with no modifications of any kind. The ...
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Non-HTTP connections time out

I have a Samsung Galaxy Player 5. Before, I could use everything (Facebook, etc) normally. I'm not sure if I changed anything, but now the browser (Internet) loads everything fine, but Facebook &...
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