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Questions tagged [samsung-galaxy-s-5-mini]

For questions specific to the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini

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Making LineageOS even more lightweight

How can I minimize the power footprint of my LOS? My device is rooted and I have Termux. There I can run $ su # htop and see that the device is running 83 processes (!). These are the processes ...
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My Samsung Galaxy GT-S5830i wants to force stop everything

The phone starts up normally and then when I enter my password but then I am immediately greeted by: 'Sorry! The application (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.' and a ...
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Bad voice quality on phone calls, good with WhatsApp

I have two Samsung Galaxy S5 minis, one of which has the following problem: The voice quality is really bad on phone calls to other people (muffled sound, chopped, extra noise/interference, echo). ...
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Adopting SD card for Samsung S5 mini duos G800-H

Has anyone managed to adopt the SD card for S5 mini duos. I've rooted it and tried to install ASPlugin (from RE) but it doesn't install either with CWR or TWPR. Also tried to partition the SD card (...
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Lock Screen With Ads on Samsung Galaxy S5 mini [duplicate]

i've got lock screen, I do not know how I got into the phone, and I do not even know how to fix it, is it a virus? please answer, phone isn't rooted
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Samsung: Backing up messages fails

I am trying to back up a Samsung S5 mini (SM-G800F, running Android 5.1.1) using either Samsung Kies or SmartSwitch. With either program, the backup stalls for a very long time when it gets to ...
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How can I restore the Gallery system app to my Samsung Galaxy S5?

I have a rooted Samsung Galaxy S5 (mini, if that makes a difference) rooted through Odin I made a back-up of the Gallery app & data with Titanium Backup I deleted the Gallery app I want the ...
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How to flash a rom on an entirely blacked out phone (s5 mini G800H)

Three or four months ago, whenever I tried to connect to Play Store or my gmail account etc. my phone returned a network related error message, which happened after I made a factory reset. Some games ...
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Samsung S5 mini supports Gamepad through OTG?

I saw a video and some discussion where people just plug and play gamepads on to Android phones. I've got a Samsung S5 mini (SM G800F, Android 4.4.2, not rooted). Bought a wire USB SNES Clone + OTG ...
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Samsung Galaxy S5 mini dies suddenly

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini which is two months old. I have the following problem: The phone suddenly becomes unresponsive, the screen goes black and it does not give any signs of 'life'. Pushing ...
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