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Error when downloading software update

I have a galaxy s8+ (model number: SM-G955F). It is knox tripped but the build status is still official. But when trying to update to the April 1st 2021 software update it downloads all the way, does ...
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Force Galaxy S8+ to authorize my hp

Sorry for the long, difficult problem. Anyways... Hello, I recently dropped my phone in the pool. I wasn't too concerned because I was about to get a new phone anyway, but it turns out at some point ...
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Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Location Services Glitch

I know this is a well known issue, but why it only affects the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active devices specifically is still a mystery. I figured I would see if anyone by chance has found a way to prevent ...
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Why Were My Timezone Definitions Updated?

I just got this update notification Update time zones New time zone definitions are available. Time zones will be updated the next time your phone restarts. Did any real time zones actually change ...
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WIFIKILL Permission denied

I have an s8+ rooted device i've installed wifikill and gave it super user from magisk after that i opened it, pressed on the start button and it gave me an err message saying(sock_fd, siocgifhwaddr, ...
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Understanding Secure Enclave (or equivalent) - Samsung S8+ SM-955F

I'm trying to understand the limits of the Secure Enclave (or equivalent, I'm not certain what its called) on the Samsung S8+ Specifically, does the secure enclave include any features related to ...
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Rooted phone but cannot change hosts file

I rooted on my S8+. I used the app root checker to check that it's rooted. I was attempting to block ads by hosts files with this tutorial I attempted to copy the hosts file to my pc, changed it, and ...
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proxy settings after latest update

I'm using an S8+ and recently we got a "security update". Before this update, I was able to go into my wifi settings > advance > set proxy to manual and add IP address plus port. Now every-time I do ...
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