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Questions tagged [samsung-internet-browser]

Use this tag for questions about the Samsung Internet Browser app (also known as "Samsung Internet" or "S-Browser"), the built-in browser app on Samsung devices. For questions about general browsers, use [browser] instead.

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Why does Samsung Internet perform poorly compared to other mobile browsers?

I'm experiencing performance issues on my e-commerce website, particularly on Android devices. When analyzing loading times, I've noticed that Samsung Internet takes about 2.5 times longer to load ...
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Find text within web page from Samsung Internet browser

Similar to this question, but for the Samsung Internet Browser (which is opened from the Google app). As is the case with PC desktop Chrome, using the never-fail CTRL-F and F3 combination does yield ...
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0 answers

Android 7 breaks certificates on Samsung Browser and in Whatsapp

On a Samsung S6 Plus Edge running on Android 7, certain security certificates will break since September 2021: the workaround which Let's Encrypt implemented doesn't seem to work in Samsung Internet. ...
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IBM website zoomed in too far in various browsers

Android 11; Samsung Galaxy A20 (SM-S205G) I've had a long-standing problem on my Android phone with IBM Community forum websites. Forum postings like this one are zoomed in too far. I can't read the ...
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2 answers

Can I navigate to a specific URL in Samsung Internet Browser instead of doing a Google search?

Using Samsung Internet on Android 8.1.0. Whenever I type an URL in the top bar, it performs a Google search with that parameter. The worst thing is that in some cases, the target URL is not ...
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Can you see the time and/or date a website was visited on the Samsung Browser?

Can you see the time and/or date a website was visited on the Samsung Browser?
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10 votes
2 answers

How to properly debug websites on the Samsung Browser

The Samsung Browser is not Chrome nor Android stock browser. And our webdev teams have some bugs that only show up on this specific browser. Is there any way I can remotely debug it as I can do with ...
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Which engine does the stock Samsung Browser use?

Which engine does the stock Samsung Browser use? Is it based on WebKit, Gecko, or something else?
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