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Questions tagged [samsung-messages]

Use this tag for questions specifically about Samsung's built-in messaging app.

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Is it possible to delete messages off a Samsung Galaxy remotely?

Can a Messages be wiped remotely off someone's Samsung phone? My friend has been working at this place for a few years and recently had a pretty serious problem with his manager. He's continuing to ...
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How to stop Google from eating event texts

I am using Messages version After the most recent automatic Android update (One UI 5.1), Google is eating texts that contain event links. An "add event" button briefly appears and ...
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Sporadically not receiving texts sent to me from iMessage users-- how do you deal?

As most here are probably aware, there are issues communicating between iMessage and Android MMS/SMS apps. For me, I will send a message to an iMessage user and they may or may not receive it with no ...
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MMS delivery reports in Google Messages?

Google Messages is nice, but there’s that one thing that’s a killer for me : not being able to ask for MMS delivery reports. To make things clear, I know that sending back an MMS delivery report is ...
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Friendly way to read Samsung's built-in Messages app's XML backup

I have an old Samsung Galaxy S7 running Android 8. I am using what seems to be the built-in SMS app, called "Messages," the icon is I used this app's Backup feature to create an XML file. I ...
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Disabling notifications for Samsung Messages

I'm using Samsung Galaxy S5. I switched to using Google Hangouts for SMS. I cannot disable the default Samsung Messages' notification, so I get a duplicate of each notification from the messages. I ...
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