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How to move everything from Samsung Galaxy S20 to S23?

I tried built-in feature (Smart Switch?) but it left most applications gray. How to copy everything? Are there any working solutions?
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How to add Samsung Galaxy backup to a Xiaomi (different Android) phone?

I had a Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) phone but its display was dying, so I managed to get a backup of the phone through the Samsung Switch app to my laptop. Now I got a new Xiaomi phone and I want to add ...
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Transferring Data between old and new phone

TL;DR: Switching from A70 to Fairphone 4. What is the best way to transfer data/settings? More context: I need to transfer data between two phones: An Samsung Galaxy A70 (2019) and a Fairphone 4. Both ...
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Is there a way to transfer paid apps from one phone to a new one

The normal way to transfer apps and data from one's old phone to a new one is to use Smart Switch It has never transferred paid apps before, never mind their data. My phone's touch screen has stopped ...
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How To Move Picsart and Phonto Fonts To A New Phone

I have two apps on my phone (PicsArt & Phonto) that can handle fonts on images. It took me a long time to install fonts on these apps, especially the non-English fonts. My old phone was Samsung ...
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How to use Samsung Dex or Smart Switch with no phone screen

My Note 10 screen no longer works. When I connected it to my laptop it asked me to install Dex and I did that. But nothing happens. Smart switch says connect the device but when I do nothing happens. ...
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Samsung: switching to new phone

I recently switched phones for the first time in several years. My vague recollection from past switches was that it was fairly smooth. Here is what happened this time. I switched from a Galaxy S9, ...
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Where to find Memos app folder in Samsung Galaxy J3

I am having a major problem with my Galaxy J3 (besides just being a J3 ^_^). The thing has been doing random reboots when in the middle of work, went to the bios screen a couple times, then started ...
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How can I restore a backup made using Samsung Switch onto an LG phone?

My Samsung Galaxy A51's screen broke; I got the purple screen of death. I was able to backup up the data using Samsung Switch before the screen was completely taken over by the purple ooze. However, ...
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Can I transfer documents from the files app on iPhone to my new Android phone?

I’ve already tried to use google drive to do so, but for some reason only empty folders get transferred. I’m switching to a Oneplus so the Galaxy Smart Switch app (which I had used to go iOS to ...
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How to check existing Android Exchange Domain settings?

I am installing my wife's new phone using Samsung Smart Switch. It nicely installs all apps, including Outlook, however it does not copy the account settings for her Exchange mail. I know her Outlook ...
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What’s the best way to migrate data from multiple user profiles on a Samsung tablet? [duplicate]

I have a Samsung galaxy tab s4 with several user profiles. I bought a new Samsung galaxy tab s6 lite that I would like to migrate to. However, when I used smart switch, it only transfers the admin ...
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How to migrate call logs of 2 phones into a dual sim phone

I have a galaxy note 3 and galaxy note 5, both are single sim devices. I'm now switching to galaxy note 10 plus, a dual sim device. I used smart switch to migrate all data from the old phones, however ...
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Samsung Smart Switch - Do I need the same version of an app on both phones?

I mean to transfer only selected apps from my J7 2015 (Phone #1, P1) to my new J7 Prime (Phone #2, P2) using Samsung Smart Switch (SSS). Some of these apps are already installed in P2. Since ...
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Peeking in notes from Samsung Smart Switch's backup

My Samsung Galaxy S6 just drowned and I'd like to get stuff that I saved in Notes. I did some googling to find out what the app is called. I found some people referring to Memo, but I don't think that ...
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