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Questions tagged [samsung-voice-recorder]

Samsung Voice Recorder is a built-in voice recorder app for selected Samsung devices.

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M4A audio files not recognized by Samsung Recorder app

I need to convert my M4A audio files to M4A but with a 3GP4 codec (it seems Samsung audio recording app only recognizes those with a 3GP4 codec). How can I do that with ffmpeg or any other program? I ...
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How does Samsung's Voice Recorder's Speech-to-text function store the text and sync it with the audio?

I am using Samsung Galaxy S7 and recently, I used the speech-to-text feature in the default Voice Recorder application. When I play one of the audio files that was recorded with that feature, the ...
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How can I export audio recording files with bookmarks from Samsung Voice Recorder app?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+ phone. I use the Voice Recorder app a lot and I also add several bookmarks to each file. Now, my phone is out of storage space and I need to back up my old recorded files ...
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Where does "Voice Recorder" save files to on Samsung Galaxy S6?

I don't seem to find the recorded files on my Samsung Galaxy S6. What is the file path to the saved recording files? Google doesn't tell me the answer.
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