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How to force Motorola's Ready For to show up on the phone screen?

TL;DR Is there any way to force a Motorola phone to launch the desktop mode on the phone itself instead of relying on the Windows app? What Ready For is Ready For is Motorola's desktop mode (Like ...
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How to connect mouse to Android phone via ADB?

I want to play an Android game on my PC but since my phone can play it better, I've hooked it up to my PC using USB with scrcpy and a bluetooth keyboard, however unfortunately, I don't have a ...
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What is scrcpy OTG mode and how does it work?

In scrcpy documentation an OTG mode is mentioned. How is that working without adb and what can we do with that?
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Copy Apps and Data From Phone With Dead Screen

My unrooted phone's LCD screen is dead but touchscreen still works. By using a series of stencils for where on-screen buttons and prompts would be, I am able to unlock the device and authorize ADB, ...
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<scrcpy> adb server version () doesn't match this client ()

I'm getting very contradicting messages trying to run scrcpy wirelessly. $ adb connect connected to $ adb devices List of devices attached ...
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scrcpy access problem with Linux

I have 2 Android devices: a tablet from Denver and a cell phone from Xiaomi (Redmi 9C), I installed scrcpy on my MX Linux pc, I have no problem to access tablet through scrcpy, but when I tried with ...
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How can I reduce lag/crashes when mirroring a screen with scrcpy?

Scrcpy lags or crashes when mirroring a screen. How can I reduce this?
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Forward video stream to PC via USB-tethering

On my Android phone, I run AirReceiver which mirrors the screen of my iPad connected to it via mobile hotspot. In the app, I can choose the player (VLC, the default player, etc.) to play this video ...
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adb shell svc power stayon multiple device

When there is multiple Android-devices connected with Linux computer (using Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon, which is based on appropriate Ubuntu 20.04 LTS version) and scrcpy v1.12 then how to keep multiple ...
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Executing ADB commands while running scrcpy

I am using the program scrcpy in order for me to control my Android phone from my PC. It all works just fine with showing the Android screen, but I want to open an app from within the scrcpy console ...
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Use scrcpy to connect to multiple smartphones

I just learned how to use scrcpy. I successfully turned on ADB on the Android and am able to scrcpy to it from my PC. Now, I want to connect to multiple smartphones. I notice it is a portable app, so ...
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Disable touch screen while using scrcpy

I have a broken-screen, non-rooted Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro that looks like this and I'm experiencing a LOT of ghost touches (and the digitizer's gone). I am using scrcpy to control it from my PC, so ...
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