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Will the Android OS Support Higher-Resolution Screens?

As of Android 2.2, the screen resolution for an Android device is capped at 854x480, which has pretty much become the standard resolution for recent Android handsets. However, with the current ...
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1 answer

What is material is the HTC Nexus One Screen made out of?

Some say it is plastic, others insist it's glass. Wikipedia provides shady information.
29 votes
9 answers

Can I manually rotate my phone while auto-rotation is disabled?

Android has a nifty feature to disable auto-rotation... Is there some sort of gesture or key combination to rotate your screen? (Say I am in a browser and want to rotate). The idea is to be on auto-...
2 votes
4 answers

Where can I see what the screen dimensions are of an Android mobile phone

I have a Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone, I can't seem to find the dimensions of the screen (apart from looking it up on the internet of course). But in general: can you somewhere see the correct ...
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2 answers

time/clock always on?

I need to have the time/clock on for about 30 mins. Just the time I can see in dark. The screen doesn't turn off. Is there any application or way I can have the time on for xx minutes in case I need ...
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6 votes
1 answer

How to Disable Screen When Using Visual Voicemail?

Anyone know of a way to get the screen to automatically turn off when listening to a voicemail? I'm used to the feature of my HTC Evo and HTC Hero, where the proximity sensor automatically detects my ...
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3 votes
2 answers

3G Radio Always on When Screen On?

According to JuicePlotter, my HTC Evo's 3G radio is always on when the screen is on -- even when doing absolutely nothing. I tested this by turning the brightness down to 1 and opening the settings ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Is there an App or Widget that can replace my Screen On and Off Button on my Moto Droid?

The button is broken and I'm waiting for my replacement phone. I can turn it on by sliding open the keyboard but I have to wait for it to sleep to turn the screen off. Is there an app or a shortcut ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Change idle screen

Is there some way to change the "sweep glass" idle screen (screen you see when the phone comes back from turning off screen)? I like the "sweep glass" screen, but have seen some others. Eg. Screen ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Why won't my android video player display media in the correct aspect ratio

I'm using a Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S) and when I play M4V video files, ostensibly formatted for IPhone, the device stretches the image to fit the screen rather than letterboxing. I can't find any ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Is there a way to make my HTC-Incredible phone use the optical joystick button to wake up?

I'm still adjusting from going from my iPod to an HTC Incredible phone. One thing that is very non-intuitive for me is to press the power button when I want to "wake up the phone" after it has ...
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