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Clearing the search history in the official Twitter app?

Is there an easier way to clear your Twitter app's search history aside from removing your Twitter account and re-adding it or deleting the application's data under Settings > Applications > Manage ...
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2 answers

Turn off search history on Chrome?

If I search for for example "lemon" in the address bar in Chrome on Android, days later if I start typing "L" it will show "lemon" in bold text as a suggestion. I have already gone to the Activity ...
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How to display recent searches in the Google Search app?

When other people use the Google Search box on their Android device, about 3 items from the recent search history will show under the textbox. However, when I open the search box with my Google ID, ...
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How can I edit a prior predictive search?

When typing a URL into my Cyanogenmod phone's browser, as I type, it suggests URL(s) from prior browsing that match what I have typed, similarly, when on a Google web search page, if I begin to type ...
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Clear search history in ebook reader App (Desire S)

Is there any way to clear search history in ebook reader App on Desire S? (It is the default reader App for ebook on HTC desire S). Thanks.
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Having Google Assistant return app results instead of web results

I am running Android 12 on a Realme 8 5G phone. It used to be that when I swiped up and keyed in an app name I would see the list of apps I wanted that matched that name on my phone, as I keyed the ...
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