Questions tagged [secondary-display]

Use this tag for questions about using Android devices as a secondary display that is capable of showing different things from another device. Contrast to [screen-mirroring] for multiple (Android) devices showing the same content.

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How to add a monitor as an external/secondary monitor of an Android device

I have an app on my Android device that does a remote desktop connection to a computer, so I am able to see the computer's screen on my phone. The problem is the remote screen resolution is ...
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Using tablet as second screen for viewing

Is there any (free) way to use a (Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e) tablet as a second monitor (with Windows) without an app? But if that's the only way, then that'll do.
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How to Make Android phone Slave Display Raspberry Pi 3b?

I would like to have an extra display always with me. The only thing which I have most often with me is my Phone with CM13. Phone Oneplus 3 and its USB Type C connection may be suitable for the task....
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Can I use my Android phone as a second monitor?

About ten years ago I started using dual monitors. It was amazing. But I switched to using a laptop exclusively and do not have a second monitor. It occurred to me that I have a second screen right ...
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Tablet as a secondary monitor

Do I have any option to use my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition) as a secondary screen? I want to use it for Photoshop, which runs on the PC, but I control it on the tablet. I know I can draw ...
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