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For questions about Lenovo's SHAREit app on the Android platform

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Bluetooth sharing mechanism on Android

I am using a Realme 8 5G Android 12 phone. How do I share a contact with other users nearby (on their mobile phones), via the Bluetooth mechanism of the icon on the upper left in the picture below? ...
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Does ShareIt use the content we share?

In the TOS it seems they say that we give right to use our content.
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Automatically synchronize files between PCs and Android without Internet

I have two laptops. One has internet access while the other does not. Both laptops are in a remote location (one in the office and the other in the home). I have to download some files on a daily ...
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Why is transmitting a file locally through AirDroid slower than downloading it from the internet?

I have a video file on my Android device (One Plus 7 Pro). I use the app AirDroid to download this file to my desktop computer through a web browser or application on the computer. This all happens ...
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Application update localy via wifi

Is there a way through which I can connect two devices (via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth ) and check applications' updates from each other? I used to use SHAREit for this purpose but after update, it does not ...
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If all file sharing apps like shareit, xender and SuperBeam uses wifi technology to transfer files, why their transfer speed differs?

I've downloaded several file sharing apps like shareit, xender and SuperBeam. They all use wifi technology to transfer files. Then why does their speed differ too much. I've noticed that shareit ...
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Is it possible to make an Android phone share a file automatically using Tasker/Macrodroid/Automate or similar software?

Is it possible to make an Android phone share a file automatically using Tasker/Macrodroid/Automate or similar software? Hello, I have a file which I want to share automaticallly and regularly to ...
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How are "ShareIt","Xender" etc able to install APK without requiring "unknown source" permission?

Normally, if I have to install an apk(say from SD card), I need to enable “Unknown Sources” in my phone's settings. But when I transfer and install any APK from another phone using "ShareIt", no such ...
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how does share it application use our information?

I would like to know, does share it application store our photos and videos on its server since it has access to phone's gallery
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Samsung S3 asks for mobile data when I try to receive using ShareIt

A friend has Samsung S3 phone. Whenever he tries to activate receiving using Lenovo ShareIt, a pop up message raises asking to activate mobile data. Even after enabling mobile data, the WiFi spot is ...'s user avatar
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How to delete/remove the recent devices in shareit APP?

We can delete the history of the devices but we cannot remove the recent devices from Shareit. But in Bluetooth and we can unpair the paired devices and that won't be visible until we again pair the ...
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Play music app doesn't find transferred mp3 file in library

I transferred an mp3 file from my PC using SHAREit app to my Android phone. It stored the received file it's own directory (SD1\Android\data\\files\SHAREit\audio\ on SD card. However I ...
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Photos received from SHAREit are not displayed in gallery [closed]

Photos and videos received from SHAREit is not downloaded to gallery and I cannot view it in gallery.Why is this happening?
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APK file keeps getting deleted after receiving via SHAREit

My APK files are getting deleted automatically from QieZi folder after receiving them via SHAREit app and this is happening when I don't install them instantly. Why this is happening? Is it Clean ...
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I am trying to use SHAREit app, if I am in sending mode. It prompts to choose the user to whom u wanna share data/apps. After choosing the end user it keeps preparing itself for sharing data however ...
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