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Signal is a cross-platform centralized encrypted instant messaging app. Use this tag for the Android version only. For other versions, please check the tag wiki.

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Wrong UI/UX that makes a ringing tone without showing which app is ringing

When I put the phone not to disturb me, it still makes the ringing sound when WhatsApp or Signal gets an incoming call, but the app that is getting the call doesn't focus or start which is completely ...
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Unable to set Signal as default SMS app

I tried to set Signal as the default SMS app on my Samsung Galaxy S23+ after I enabled the SMS permission, but for some reason, it won't let me or even make it show up on the default apps menu as an ...
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Why does Signal app not have network access?

I am trying to install Signal on a phone (Android 8). I just need this installed for verifying/linking my actual Signal desktop app. When I enter my number, the app tells me it has no permission/...
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How to install Cyanogenmod / LineageOS 13 (Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow) with GApps and Signal Messenger onto a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT-I8160?

This question is uncommon and may not apply to a lot of you. But I dropped two phones in a row so I needed to grab my old Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT-I8160 backup phone and revive it. I had it already ...
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Temporarily lost phone, what to do about Signal backups?

I've lost access to my phone, with a Signal installation with a lot of old messages I'd rather not lose. I know that most likely I'll get the phone back within 6 months though. I would also like to be ...
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Why am I not able to install the Signal app onto my Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G?

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G and the Signal app is seemingly unavailable for this device. I didn't have ANY issues with Telegram, so it's quite baffling to me. Does anyone know why? Do I need ...
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Where's Whatsapp identity (private) key located?

According to the end-end-end encrypted messaging protocol named Signal Protocol and implemented also in Whatsapp, each user has a long-term identity key pair, in addition to some one-time ephemeral ...
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Symlink temporary file

I'm attempting to backup my Signal chats totalling almost 15GB, which presents a challenge in my 32GB phone. I simply have no space to do it, and even stripping the system of pretty much all apps ...
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Missing signal icon on lineage os

I've just installed Signal from an APK package downloaded from here on a LineageOS smartphone. I performed the installation from a Linux laptop using adb: $ adb install Signal-Android-website-prod-...
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Synchronizing Signal messenger chat history from iPad to Android

Some time ago I added Signal to my iPad and without ado it fetched the complete chat history from my Android phone. Now I had to reset my Android phone, and assuming the other way would work as well, ...
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Signal does not allow sharing to other apps

In my installation of the Signal messenger, I can share images and videos to other apps, like email apps and the like. However my wife cannot, the option in the "three dot menu" just does ...
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Signal Private Messanger - Permissions?

RedPhone and TextSecure was migrated to Signal, but I'm a little bit worried about all the permissions Signal app requires. Why does signal require ex. location and calendar? I have tried to search ...
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Cannot Restore Data for Signal Messenger 4.16 with Titanium Backup

I have backed up and restored Signal with Titanium for years without any incident, up until now. The other day I was encountering a boot loop playing around with an Xposed module. I did a re-flash of ...
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How to register/invite a communication partner in Signal on LineageOS?

I used Signal once on CyanogenMod and it didn't make me think during the registration. Now that I want to recreate a secure communication with my previous communication partner on LineageOS (OS ...
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Does Titanium Backup backup the Signal private Key?

I am looking for a way to backup my private key for the Signal messenger application. Nothing has worked so far, and I am curious whether anyone can confirm or deny that Titanium backup will save and ...
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Where is the backup folder of TextSecure and Signal?

In TextSecure, you can choose to backup your SMS to the SDCard. It says "Success" but there is no evidence where it does store it on the SDCard. I cannot find it.
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