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How can I migrate my Palm OS memos over to Simplenote?

There's an old PDA/smartphone operating system named "Palm OS". It's included with PalmPilot, Palm, Visor, Tungsten, Zire, Treo, and Centro devices. One of the apps which comes with a Palm OS device ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Simplenote shortcut to open a new note

I would like a home screen shortcut that opens a new note in Simplenote. I know I can easily set up a shortcut that opens up to the list of saved notes where I can open a new note by pressing the pen ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Note taking app that syncs with the cloud and lets me create a shortcut to a specific saved note? [closed]

I'm looking for note taking app that does the following: Syncs with a cloud based account (like simplenote) Keeps a local version of each note (I dont want to have to wait for it to download each ...
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6 votes
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Simplenote clients [closed]

I recently started using Simplenote. I want to be able to take and read my notes while on the go. There is a native iOS app, but not for Android. Are there third-party apps that will sync with ...
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