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Questions tagged [smart-cover]

Compared to an ordinary cover which usually only protects a device from dust/scratch, smart cover may also add some more functionality (e.g. change the device's behavior, turn off the screen when the cover is closed, etc.).

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Samsung A50's navigation bar hidden when it is inside a case

I apologize if this is a dumb question. I don't actually own an Android phone, just asking for a family member. The navigation bar in a Samsung A50 disappears when the phone is inside a wallet-type ...
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What do these screen mean black background yellow or blue with date and time?

Some times my phone gets stuck at this screen. I can take a screen shot but it is otherwise unresponsive. What does this screen mean. It's usually yellow or blue with the time. I want to think if I ...
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Lockscreen automatically relocks after unlock

The Problem: Sometimes, after a successful screen unlock, the device immediately relocks. Specifications: Nexus 9, CyanogenMod 12-12.1, Android 5.0.1-5.1.1, pattern lock and Smart Lock > FaceUnlock ...
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Does Cyanogenmod 12.1 support the Samsung S4 Mini Smart Cover?

I have successfully installed the Cyanogenmod 12.1 (version as of 11.07.2015) for my Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and I was wondering if it supports the Samsung Galaxy S4 MINI I9192 S-View Premium Flip ...
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Phone switches to watch interface when put against a specific side of my laptop

Not a very annoying bug, but quite mysterious: I noticed that when I put my LG G2 (running v4.4.2, with NFC turned off) against the top left edge of the lid of my laptop (ASUS Zenbook UX303LN running ...
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How does my tablet know when I open the cover? [duplicate]

I've recently bought a magnetic cover for my tablet (a bamboo smart cover for Asus Transformer Pad TF303CL). What puzzles me is that whenever I open the cover, the screen turns on. How does the tablet ...
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3 answers

How does Samsung S-View Flip Cover work?

How does the S-View Flip Cover work? I know some apps that use the proximity sensor to check this and turn on and turn off the screen. S-View Flip Cover does not require any softwares, so how does it ...
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2 answers

How do Android tablets use magnet to auto-lock the device?

Can someone explain how tablets like Nexus 7 detects a magnetic cover closing? I have tried putting magnets over the spots where the magnets in the cover are, but it will not lock. How does the tablet ...
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2 votes
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Adjust magnetic auto-lock sensitivity

I just bought a case for my Nexus 10 tablet (EasyAcc Smart Cover), but it seems the magnetic auto-lock sometimes thinks the cover is closed when the cover is flipped to the back side, behind the ...
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