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Social Networking Service (or SNS) is a built-in app on Samsung phones for integration with websites such as Twitter and Facebook. This tag is only for this app, not for general social-network questions.

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Android Whatsapp - How many stickers you can add as favourite on your mobile?

What is the limit of the number of stickers that can be stored as favourites in the mobile version of Whatsapp?
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make notifcation live and be aware of event in android

I would appreciate if you can help me about following problem. actually i have some social networking app in my android phone. however i will notified just about some of them as the right as new ...
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How to view own story in snapchat

I'm not very good at SnapChat. Is there a way to view your own story? My friend helped me set a picture and now I can't find it.
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How to change the date of network

in android social apps such as Twitter,Instagram...etc, is it possible to post with fake date on timeline as it allows in Facebook ? note: my phone is rooted Please help, Thanks! :')
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Android social apps: ability to post on behalf of the user?

Ever since I purchased my Samsung Galaxy SIII, it has been displaying a notification which when clicked causes an app to be displayed asking me to log in to Facebook and then displaying the following ...
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What does "SNS" mean on Android? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is SNS App? Everything I try to do (Text, Video, Email, Call out, Apps, Games) I get an "SNS not working" message and have to force close. I am having a lot of trouble ...
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What is SNS App?

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy I551 with Android 2.2 FroYo. Sorry for my ignorance, but I have not idea what is that app (which came installed and without rooting can't be removed). And it is using 15MB ...
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