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unlock Xperia Neo bootloader on linux

I was following these instructions to unlock the bootloader on my Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo until I reached steps 9 and 10. There was no extras/google directory or android_winusb.inf file anywhere. ...
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What are com.sonyericsson.usbux and com.sonyericsson.capabilities?

This list tells me that I should not remove them, but what do they do?
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Does Sony always check if the bootloader has been unlocked when repairing the phone?

I'd like to unlock my Xperia Neo V's bootloader, but on the other hand I don't want to lose my warranty. Obviously, that isn't possible. So my question is: Do Sony Ericsson's repair centres always ...
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Contact groups in 2.3.4 - xperia?

Is there a way to have contact groups in this phone? I know it is possible on other phones, but this one does not give you the ability to make them.
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File Transfer: How to transfer files betwen my Xperia Neo (Android 2.3) and Kubuntu Linux?

I have bought a Xperia Neo which runs Android 2.3 and I'm running Kubuntu Linux on my Laptop. I just connected the Phone using a USB Cable and set it to Mass Storage Mode. I expected to have the ...
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