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Please use this tag for questions specifically related to the wearable device manufactured by Sony.

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Android Wear "Google" app only shows weather info

I have been using my Sony SWR50 smart watch for about a week now and all is working just fine, everything syncs up as you'd expect. However when I use the "swipe up" gesture to bring up the Google ...
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Aerlink Wear Connect for iOS is not installing on Sony smartwatch 2

I bought Sony Smartwatch 2 and successfully paired it with Moto X Play using Sony "SmartConnect" and installed applications like Gmail, etc... Now I'm trying to pair it with my IPhone 5s. For that I ...
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Disable vibration of the phone, but leave it on smartwatch

I'm trying to figure out the best setting for my Android 5.1 phone during my working hours. When I'm at my workplace, my phone is constantly docked and in set to the Priority mode (this is automatic)....
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sony sbh-50 and sony smart watch 2 connection

I currently have an SBH-50 paired with my Snote2 running on 4.4.2 Kitkat. My question is, if i get a smart watch 2, will the watch and sbh-50 work at the same time to control my samsung note 2? thanks ...
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Sony Smartwatch compatibility with regular headsets

I bought a Sony Smartwatch and I wonder if it can be used with any bluetooth headset to take the calls. I know there is a Smart Wireless Headset pro but it costs almost as much as the watch. Can I use ...
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