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ST21i Removed boot flag

I was trying to boot from the sdcard, as I thought it was a boot order issue, I disabled the boot flag on the boot partition. Now my phone will not turn on, or enter bootloader. I have found various ...
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SD Card formatting problem

Hi I have a SD card 8 Gb and when I format it into 2 partitions (1 Fat32 and 1 ext2) My phone shows Unfortunatelycom.erricson.usbux is stopped My phone Sony Xperia Tipo St2l1 Strontium *class 4 *...
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How can i get apps on my phone from ONLY my other phone, and not my tablet?

I am going to get a replacement phone and i only want apps from my old phone to be downloaded to the new one, and not my tablets apps. i know there is "google play-my apps-all", but that includes my ...
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How to easily change keyboard input application?

I have installed a Morse code input method. I believe I have followed the instructions to enable it (it's enabled in settings). However, I don't seem to be able to use it anywhere in any input field. ...
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Xperia Tipo Reboot Looping at Internal Storage Load

Today, I was listening some music and suddenly my phone rebooted. When it booted back, it rebooted again after it notifies "Loading Internal storage". So the problem probably lies in the internal ...
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Installing Android 4.1 or higher on Sony Tipo with permanently locked bootloader

My operator (Telecom HU) has disabled unlocking the bootloader of my Sony Tipo. I would like to get Android 4.1 or higher on my device, but so far this seems impossible. I successfully installed ...
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mobile network problem after jellybean upgrade

I upgraded my sony tipo dual to jellybean using cyangenmod 10 using this tutorial. I was able to do most of the things without any problems. But after upgrade I am unable to connect to mobile ...
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Sony Xperia Tipo JB installation unsuccessful

I was trying to install JellyBean on my sony xperia tipo and have suddenly come to a halt. I was following this tutorial. The only thing that differed here is I obtained the latest JB from Cyanogenmod....
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SuperOneClick freezes when I try to root my Sony Xperia Tipo Dual

SuperOneClick freezes when I try to root my Sony Xperia Tipo Dual. I did unlock the bootloader.
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Rooting Xperia tipo

I've unlocked my bootloader. After all the set-up, I tried to root my Tipo using Bin4ry Root's package. It didn't work; it gave me an error like permission denied (are you root?). Later, it said "...
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Do widgets slow down Android phone?

I use a lot of widgets (like Gmail, calender, weather app, Facebook, music, news, etc.) and since I have been using them I feel my mobile has become slower than before. I don't use a task manager. ...
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Not able to connect xperia tipo to Ubuntu

I can connect my Xperia Tipo to Windows but not able to connect Ubuntu. Why is it so? Is there any changes that I need to make to my phone ?
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How Can I Root my Sony Ericsson Xperia Tipo Dual?

How can I root my Sony Ericsson Xperia Tipo Dual?
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Memory settings menu inconsistently shows internal storage half-empty and completely full at the same time

I own a sony xperia tipo that has around 2 gigabytes of internal storage. Today, I got a warning that my phone's internal storage is full, while using google currents, so I went to the storage menu ...
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Unable to connect Xperia-Tipo to PC?

For last 2 days, I am trying to connect my new Xperia-Tipo phone to PC but unable to connect. My PC's OS is Windows XP - SP3. When I connect to PC, it is asking for PC companion installation. But ...
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Sony Xperia Tipo not recognizing SD memory card

I have installed an 8GB SD memory card in my Sony Xperia Tipo, but the memory card is not being recognized. Has anyone else had this problem with the Sony Xperia Tipo? If so, how did you solve it?
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