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for questions specific to a Sony Xperia phone not covered by a more specific tag as e.g. "sony-xperia-z" or "sony-xperia-arc"

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How do I Change the Font Text Style in Sony Experia M without rooting phone?

I want to change the default font style on Sony xperia M without rooting my phone. How do I do this?
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Is xperia Ultra charger dock compatible with xperia Z?

There's a low cost generic charger for Ultra but not for Z1. Is xperia Ultra charger dock compatible with xperia Z1?
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2 answers

Where is the default ringtone stored?

I recently brought a Sony Xperia C. One of my friends like a few default ringtones of the phone. I tried to search in the internal as well as sd card memory but couldn't find the ringtone. Where ...
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how do I make the radio start automatically when I plug in my headset?

On my old phone, the radio would automatically turn on when I plugged in my headset. I can't seem to get it to do the same on my new phone? I have a Sony Xperia go, running jelly bean.
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All apps except WhatsApp cannot work on WiFi

I'm having some strange problem with my Sony Xperia SL. I use Virtual Router Manager on my Laptop to connect my mobile to internet over Wi-Fi. Since this morning, none of the apps are connecting to ...
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3 answers

How can I delete all images in the album on my Sony Xperia S?

I synched all my photos with Lightroom, now would like to delete them from my Phone. There is no delete function in the Sony Album (Android Album?) however. How can I get rid of all photos taken?
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Operating system in a phone having no OS

I have sony xperia P and i was trying to install custom ROM in my phone.I copied the boot.img in the boot partition.Now my phone doesn't starts. There is no external SD card slot in my phone. How ...
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How to remove pre-installed apps from Xperia E?

I recently bought a Xperia E and since I am not a Facebook user I'd like to remove it from my phone. That also applies for Google+ and other stuff which is installed on my phone by default but I am ...
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How to stop this type of service in Sony Xperia MT27i? [duplicate]

I have an Android 4.0.4 device Sony Xperia MT27i. When this device connects in Mac then it looks like this. (click image to enlarge) Some services are started and also it displays an unwanted screen....
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Restore colors after Android update

I bought an Xperia t two weeks ago. When I plugged it today, I've been asked to update Android, what I did.. Now the sms "chat" changed color and display format.. many other things changed color and ...
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How to reset Wi-Fi settings?

Somehow Wi-Fi stopped connecting on my phone. It is not a hardware issue, as it does work when I perform a reset. What files do I need to delete to get Wi-Fi back working? I don’t want to reset my ...
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