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For questions about managing root access for apps with SuperSU, a root management tool developed by Chainfire

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How to manually root a phone?

I want to learn how to root a android phone manually, I mean without any apps like KingRoot, dr.fone etc. I did not found any guides or information about it. (Background Information: I want to root a ...
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How to uninstall a system app using adb uninstall command (NOT remove via rm or any other way)

Have to mention this to avoid possible confusion, this question is not duplicate. This question is specific to using adb to uninstall a package. There are several similar questions but are all ...
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How to flash and root OnePlus 3T on Linux?

I Recently bought a OnePlus 3T and want to flash and root it. Most resource focus on OnePlus3 and on Windows. How do I do that on Linux?
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Can you grant superuser privileges to an application?

I was wondering wether it is possible since ES File Explorer has the root explorer option, which I need to see where Termux got installed/from where it's running to be able to navigate (though it ...
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Is SuperSU and TWRP ROM-specific, phone-specific, or not specific at all?

Whenever I follow a root guide, I see a link to SuperSU and TWRP files. Are these SuperSU and TWRP files the same file for all phones, or is there a different SuperSU for each phone? Also, if it ...
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What does "mount namespace separation" in the app SuperSU do?

The title pretty much says it all. What does "mount namespace separation" in the app SuperSU do and how does it affect other apps?
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Detailed instructions for replacing KingoRoot's Superuser with SuperSU

KingRoot's Superuser, while effective at its main purpose, is throwing up adware lockscreens. I'd like to replace it with SuperSU but have had difficulty finding instructions detailed enough for my ...
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2 answers

Fix SELinux contexts for a SU binary

I am trying to root my android 6.0.1 phone using the following method: I first booted into a TWRP image using fastboot boot, then using the TWRP terminal I copied the su binary from the SuperSU kit ...
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How to find that I am rooted with Systemless

I have flashed, SUPER SU 2.79 SR1 on Oneplus 3 running OOS 4.0 (Nougat 7.0). How to find that I am rooted in systemless mode ?
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How does SuperSU check if a phone is rooted?

I have a rooted custom device (Android 8.0), I can use adb and run su and do whatever I want in the shell. But SuperSU or any other app cannot find root. I have made a symlink from /system/xbin/su to /...
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sd card is empty when using su

I have strange issue. I've just installed Supersu. With regular user (not su ) the sdcard shows all contents as usual, But on doing su , I see (with "ls") that /sdcard is empty (though it is not) !...
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How do I unlink SuperSU from the Play Store?

I installed SuperSU by flashing the zip file from recovery. The Play Store picks it up and shows new versions of the app. The problem is, the newer versions of SuperSU causes my phone to go into a ...
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How to install Split APK as system app?

I have copied it's APK to /system/app, but it crashes after a restart and also tried using Lucky patcher to move to system, but failed. Android 7.0 Rooted with SuperSU.
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