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Questions tagged [t-mobile-g2x]

For questions truly specific to the "T-Mobile G2X" (LG P999), a variant of the "LG Optimus 2X".

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How to avoid to have my carrier resend information to my G2X after losing sms over 4g after instaling a rom

Ever since I got that great/not so great phone I have been attempting to get a good version of gingerbread running on it since the stock version of froyo LG has on it is too unstable for me. Every ...
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My LG G2X P999 doesn't boot into APX mode

I have a LG G2X P999 phone and as with most of my phones I root them. I have seen many tutorials on how to root my version (Gingerbread 2.3.3) and in all I must boot the phone in APX mode in order to ...
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"Internal processing. Please retry to later" What does that mean?

Yes, I know what I put was grammatically incorrect. That's exactly how it shows up on my screen. When I hang up with someone from time to time, the green phone icon in the notification bar does not ...
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