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Use this tag for questions related to Tecno smartphones.

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Reinstall apps/services via phone directly?

I uninstalled certain apps/services via adb, then disabled the USB Debugging option. After restart the phone's settings option is not working. Please suggest how to enable developer options, usb ...
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Cannot set spellchecker on Tecno Camon 19 Pro

The phone is Tecno Camon 19 Pro. The system is Android 13 (HIOS 13). In Language settings, selecting spellchecker opens a menu. The menu has Gboard, but tapping on it does nothing. Still, the ...
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1 answer

Fastboot does not see device, but fastbootd does

My device: Tecno Camon 19 (cl6n) I need to unlock bootloader, adb see my phone correctly, fastbootd too. But when I do adb reboot bootloader neither the phone nor the PC can see each other. Phone says ...
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Installing full YouTube app on Tecno phone (Android Go) failed silently

I have a Tecno phone with Android 8.1.0 Go. YouTube Go is my system app, however, I grew tired of using it because of its limited features and decided to install the YouTube app. But that's when the ...
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Cannot install YouTube app on Tecno devices (Android Go)

I am using a Tecno Pop 2 Power device. It runs on Android 8.1 (Oreo, Go Version). It's a new device. When I launched it, it came pre-installed with the "YouTube Go" app, which is in no way a ...
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Get the full Play Store on Tecno M7

How do I get Play Store on my Tecno M7 phone? It didn't come preinstalled.
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