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For questions about words, phrases and definitions that are specific to the Android ecosystem.

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What is a "PIT file"?

Both Heimdall and Odin have options for a PIT file. From Heimdall's option you can find, Action: print-pit Arguments: [--file <filename>] [--verbose] [--no-reboot] [--stdout-errors] [--usb-...
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What does Odin's T-Flash option do?

When I go to flash with Odin, I see an option for "T Flash". What does it do? Other options include, Auto Reboot Re-Partition F. Reset Time Device Info Nand Erase All Flash Lock T Flash (this option)...
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What does "RF Cal" means?

I'm using Samsung Galaxy S5. When I entered in the dial *#12580*369#, it appeared some information about the phone. One of them is "RF Cal" (it is formatted like a date). Does anyone knows ...
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What is the difference between the official and unofficial version of a ROM?

The title pretty much says it all. What is the difference between the official and unofficial version of a ROM? From what I've seen, unofficial comes before official, for ROMs like cyanogenmod.
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What is Android InCallUI?

What is Android InCallUI? I keep seeing it under apps I've used. I googled it and I keep seeing it related to this xPrivacy Pro software. I have an Android ZTE Z812 phone and am wondering how I find ...
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What do the different device/code names mean?

Most devices seem to have multiple "names" depending on the context, e.g. marketing, updates or rooting. For example: Huawei P8 lite (actually, not specific enough since there are at least two ...
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What is JTAG in regards to Android?

I see the term JTAG used for reviving dead Android devices that otherwise don't respond to anything and aren't seen when USB connected. It seems that it's something done from the physical hardware ...
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What is the offical name of the third on-screen button?

I am searching for the official name of the third (right) Android on-screen button. Android version On-screen buttons 1-4.4 5.0+ The left and middle buttons are clear: Left: Back button Middle: ...
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