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How to change typing layout for physical keyboard on android tablet?

I got a QWERTZ keyboard made by Samsung for my Samsung Galaxy tablet because literally I couldn't buy anything else and was lucky to even find this one. I prefer QWERTY, so I'm wondering how I can ...
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Gboard Arabic keyboard layout with extra-alphabetic diacritics

I was wondering whether it would be a good idea for the implementers of gboard Arabic keyboard to include a keyboard layout, perhaps for adult and kid learners, that included the ability to insert all ...
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Changing characters on bluetooth keyboard layout

I have Lenovo m10 with external bluetooth keyboard on which I use my language layout (Croatian). The problem is that it types some characters wrong. For example, it types some characters in capital ...
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Type German special characters with Bluetooth Keyboard

I'm trying to type German special characters ä, ü, ß with Bluetooth keyboard (Logitech k810) using SwiftKey (this is the keyboard app I normally use when not using the keyboard, ideally wouldn't have ...
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Romanian Layout for Physical Keyboard is absent

I have just picked up my Samsung Tab S2 Keyboard a couple of days ago. The tablet is amazing, but the thing is I need to type Romanian text with specific accented characters (ie ș, ă, î, ț). This is a ...
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Webpage objects extend beyond visibility

Usually, when I see mobile webpage issues, I chalk it up to the site's developer not making the page universally mobile-friendly. Sometimes it's videos that extend beyond the bounds of the screen and ...
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Markdown and email

Do you know of a way to add hyperlinks, use italics or bold faces, add mathematical formulæ and do all this kind of fancy stuff to write an email on an Android phone? I know there are apps such as ...
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How to turn off or disable text font anti aliasing or smoothing globally or just for one app?

How do I turn off font smoothing globally or just for one app like firefox? Can it be done with a mod like cyanogenmod or xposed framework?
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8 answers

Use bluetooth keyboard with a different layout?

I'm Italian, so I use italian language on my tablet (note 10.1), but I have also a bluetooth keyboard with english layout that I use to write little snippets of programmes, the problem is that I don't ...
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On many applications, text is wrapped to half the screen width

In Gmail, Reader etc., text is wrapped to about half the screen width. This is extremely annoying! Text-size is normal, and I can't find any global settings that would govern such a thing. Can anyone ...
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Pinch-zoom not pure zoom in Web browser on HTC Desire Z because text is auto-re-formatted: irritating / layouts break

When I (multi-touch) pinch to zoom and release my fingers from touching the screen to see the zoomed display, the Android web browser on the HTC Desire Z performs a shrink-to-fit re-format of the page ...
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