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prevent apps from changing status bar color

never cared much for this one way or another, until Firefox last update changed the status bar to white, of all colours. now it really bothers me. my Firefox theme have darker navbar, like the ...
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YouTube app full screen cropped by navigation and notification bars persisting on screen

For whatever reason, Google thinks that it makes sense to bring out the navigation and notification bars along with the intrusive annotation that cannot be manually dismissed, then leave the bars ...
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Xposed framework arose a new problem. Help!

I know that the title of this question made you confuse but the question is also strange. I don't think it had happened to anyone before. I've googled my problem but nothing found. Also, no forums ...
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Remove Lollipop status bar tint over color?

Is it possible to remove the tint over the status bar color in lollipop? Currently, the bar color will change to a slightly darker version of the app's color. Example of how it is now: Click image ...
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Dynamically theming Status Bar according to app's Action Bar?

I have no idea whether this question is on-topic or off-topic here, because it is related to problems with an Xposed Module. Moderators, please tell me if this is off-topic or not. I'm running on an ...
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