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How can I configure uTorrent so that it doesn't stop seeding after the download of a torrent is completed?

By default on Android, μTorrent stops seeding after the download of a torrent is completed. How can I configure μTorrent so that it doesn't stop seeding after the download of a torrent is completed? I ...
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Blocking torrent in Android

Is it possible to completely block torrents in android? I have tried to use many porn blockers like BlockerX, Remojo etcetera. I can block the torrent websites by blocking the keyword - 'torrent' .But ...
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I want to download torrent files to a fashdrive attached to modem or router (local server ) by initiating the download from the mobile device

I want to download torrent files from my mobile but since I don't have enough storage I want the files to be downloaded to my local server (the flashdrive/pendrive attached to my modem which can be ...
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I can't open a torrent

I have μTorrent app, and I have a torrent file. I tried to open the file in standard file manager, but the manager shows "All apps associated with this action have been turned off, blocked, or are not ...
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Compressing Torrents

So I am trying to download a torrent to my tablet, but it is 51.67 gb, which is HUMONGOUS. Any way to compress it and make it fit into my tablet?
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Torrent speed slow on Android mobile device

I have installed BitTorrent on my Xperia Z. While downloading I observed that it limits speed to 100-130 kbps max. It's same for all torrents irrespective of the number of seeders. When I tried from ...
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2 answers

how can i download movies on Acer A200

How can i download video torrents onto an Acer A200? I've tried several apps from Google Play including Bittorrent and uTorrent. I tried PotLocker as well. I don't know what else to try. This is my ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Does using uTorrent for Android wear out the phone's SSD?

When you use uTorrent for Android, does it trash the SSD with multiple writes? Since most phones' internal memory and SD cards are flash based, and torrents do multiple writes, are they especially ...
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How can I preview (watch online) videos while downloading the torrent?

How can I preview (watch online) videos downloaded from torrent? I've tried Torrent Stream Controller with Ace Stream Engine for Android but it seems to be only for torrent tv and I even couldn't ...
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Is there a way to start a torrent on my Android stick remotely?

I have a Windows home computer with uTorrent installed. With the BitTorrent WebUi addon to Firefox I am able to start downloads from my office computer. I am planning on buying an Android stick, is ...
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